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Valued Patron,

A few months ago United Prairie Cooperative and Dakota Quality Grain Cooperative formed an exploratory committee made up of members of their Boards of Directors. The purpose of this committee was to consider the pros and cons of a possible combination of our two companies. A general consensus was reached by both Boards to move forward and perform our extensive due diligence of both companies. The due diligence will include extensive audits of operations, assets and financial statements. Once due diligence is complete the Boards will perform a detailed analysis, focusing on whether a combination makes sense for the long-term health of the companies. Keep in mind, we are just starting this process and have not agreed to any combination at this early date.

Most importantly, we value your input as we go forward with our work. Informational meetings will be scheduled in future months to address any concerns you might have. Please contact your Directors, listed below, with any questions you might have. We will address your questions and have more complete and informed information for you at these informational meetings.

Dakota Quality Grain Cooperative

David Brenna – President
Richard Risan – Vice President
Greg Eldevik – Secretary
Jeff Bangen
Colin Vachal
Steven Nelson
Jarred Billadeau
Lance Hollinger
Bryan Myers

United Prairie Cooperative

Nathan Brenna – President
Scott Ruland – Vice President
Luke Lahtinen – Secretary
Edward Danks, Jr.
Larry Jones
Chris Rohde
Ben Waldock

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